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WildFire 1lb 1 lb. Pistol Grip Fogger

Quick Overview

Would you believe that Wildfire 18% pepper spray is among the hottest pepper sprays ever tested? Well, it certainly is. Wildfire is known for their powerful oleoresin capsicum pepper products that deliver effective, non-lethal self-defense at a distance. You can avail yourself of that self-defense capability by purchasing the 1 lb. pistol grip fogger.

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With its ergonomic pistol grip, this canister is easy to hold in one hand while you pull the safety pin with the other. With the pin removed, spraying your attacker is as simple as pushing the trigger with your thumb. It is so easy that you will be able to do it without thinking.

When you purchase the 1 lb. pistol grip fogger, you're getting a pepper spray dispenser with a range of 20 feet. You are also getting a canister that holds 72 one-second bursts of pepper spray. And with this device, you don't have to worry about pinpoint accuracy. The fact that the dispenser creates a fog rather than a stream offers you maximum coverage. That makes this particular product ideal if you're facing multiple attackers.

Intense, Incapacitating Heat

What makes Wildfire 18% pepper spray so incapacitating? Try the 3 million SHUs of heat it delivers in a single spray. That's enough heat to cause respiratory distress, inflamed eyes, and significant pain. As an added bonus, Wildfire's formula includes a non-toxic vegetable dye to make attacker identification easy.

Carrying the 1 lb. pistol grip fogger in your car, RV, or on your person will give you the peace of mind you need to go about your daily routine with confidence. And don't forget, Wildfire 18% pepper spray is also a good self-defense option at home. Any attacker attempting to break in will be easily thwarted with one shot of this pepper spray.

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